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Terms of Business

Standard Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to all sales by Select Land and Property Ltd.

Where two or more persons constitute the purchaser/s, all Terms and Conditions herein that apply to the purchaser will apply to all such persons jointly and severally. Also, all references to the singular and to the masculine shall include the plural and the female.

Planning Permission
Unless a piece of land is explicitly described differently all land sold by Select Land and Property Ltd is sold as either being Pasture, Agricultural or Forestry land or a mixture of these. Although the purchaser or others may apply for Planning Permission for a change of use, Select Land and Property Ltd do not imply that permission for change of use will be granted for any land sold by them.

All land sold is Freehold Land. Select Land and Property Ltd will have no future claim on or responsibility for land, or items upon or beneath land, that they have sold.

Rights of Way
All land sold will include free access (without hindrance or Toll) to that land and anyone that the purchaser permits to visit that land. This right of access will be by foot, horse or automobile to pass and re-pass unlimited.

The purchaser will be responsible for providing (if not already present at the time of purchase) and maintaining borders to the purchased land if this is a condition stated in the Covenant in the Deeds of the land.

The purchaser hereby covenants (agrees as witnessed) with the seller by way of indemnity only that he will at all times duly perform and observe the covenants, conditions and agreements contained in the Charges Register, if any, and will keep the seller and his estate and effects indemnified against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands whatsoever arising in respect of any breach thereof subsequent to his purchase of the land.

Contract of Sale
Select Land and Property Ltd does not issue or use a Contract of Sale, but uses instead the appropriateH.M. Land Registry form TP1 or TR1.

Instant Deeds
Instant Deeds in the Form of H. M. Land Registry TP1 or TR1 complete with Form L(A)451 (and LR53 where applicable) and a Form AP1 (representing a letter from the purchaser to the Land Registry) are supplied by Select Land and Property Ltd as soon as reasonably possible after cleared funds constituting the full purchase price of the land is received.

Land Registry Fee
The purchaser is responsible for paying the Land Registry Fee directly to the Land registry for each plot of land purchased.

If more than one purchaser simultaneously attempts to purchase the same land, the first to provide full payment by cleared funds will be successful. Where this continues to leave conflict between purchasers, Select Land and Property Ltd retains the right to fairly decide the successful purchaser on a 'first come, first served' basis or by other method at its sole discretion. The unsuccessful purchaser(s) in such conflicts will receive a full refund of any moneys paid for the purchase in conflict.

Select Land and Property Ltd confirms that from searches conducted there is no reason for them to believe that the land being sold is landlocked.

Payment for Land
Payment for land must be made in full with cleared funds prior to ownership of the land being passed to the purchaser.
All cheques must be correctly drawn on a UK bank, in Sterling.

Land may be reserved by a prospective purchaser for up to 30 working days by payment of a non-returnable deposit equal to ten percent of the full purchase price of the land. The remaining balance of the full purchase price must then be made within that 30 day period, otherwise the land will be made available to other purchasers.

Reservation by telephone

Where specific land is reserved by telephone the land will be held for a maximum three business days unless a different timescale is mutually agreed between the purchaser and Select Land and Property Ltd. If payment in full, or an agreed deposit payment, is not received by the end of that period, the land will be made available to other purchasers.

The purchaser understands and agrees that refunds of cleared funds will not be made for any reason including any type of force majeure. Likewise, Select Land and Property Ltd cannot reclaim the land for any reason once the Land Registry Forms have been given or sent to the purchaser.

Commission Sales

When Select Land and Property Ltd sells land not owned by itself the same Terms and Conditions will apply as for sales of land owned by Select Land and Property Ltd, with the following additions.
The seller of the land will tell Select Land and Property Ltd in writing the sum of money (Seller's price) he wishes to receive for the land. Select Land and Property Ltd will add a commission amount to the Seller's price to cover its expenses, and will advertise and attempt to sell the land for this higher sum. On successful completion of a sale, Select Land and Property Ltd will send to the seller his requested amount as soon as practical after cleared funds have been received from the purchaser. Select Land and Property Ltd acts as an Agent only on commission sales, and accepts no liability for the land or use of it before or after the sale.

Third Party Sales

If a purchaser wishes to purchase land that is offered by a third party seller on Select Land and Property Ltd's website, Select Land and Property will, with the purchaser's permission, provide the purchaser's contact details to the third party seller. Any subsequent dealings between those two parties will be governed by the prevalent Terms and Conditions set by the third party seller. Select Land and Property Ltd will make no charge for introducing the two parties, but will be entitled to receive an agreed amount of commission from the third party seller for this and every subsequent sale completed between the two parties.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


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